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QC Roof Pros must work on different types of roofing in the Quad Cities. The large number of residential, commercial, industrial, and government buildings provide constant roofing opportunity in the area. The different types of roofs found in the Quad Cities include sloped roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs, apartment roofs, condo roofs, and so on.

Sloped Roofs

Steep-slope and low-slope roofing is common for the residential buildings in the area. Manufacturers provide special installation instructions for roofs with high pitch and low pitch.

Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs are mostly installed on the stores and commercial buildings. Special challenges with flat roofs are the water ponding and the roofing fixtures such as the HVAC and other flashings which must be removed during roof work.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are found on long-term and low-maintenance roofs such as churches. However, any dents from hail impact may be considered as cosmetic issue by the insurance companies and the claims may be rejected.

Apartment Roofs

Apartment roofs are popular in the Quad Cities due to the large number of new and old apartments in the area. Proper maintenance of apartment roofs is crucial as the owners always tend to skip the roof repairs which end up damaging overall structure.

Condo Roofs

Condo roofs are found in the Quad Cities on the many duplex houses and townhomes. Installing and repairing the condo roofs are challenging as multilple owners are involved and any roofing work has to be done only after getting permissions from both the owners.


QC Roof Professionals offer a range of services to provide comprehensive home improvement solutions. This saves cost for the property owners and the roofing pro is also able to complete the work with reduced dependency on other contractors. Issues with material incompatibility or wait times can be reduced in this approach. It is common for the roofing professionals to operate on a general contractor license apart from the roofing license to accommodate all customer needs.

Given here are some of the additional services offered by QC Roof Pro.

  • Siding of the building with different types of material such as vinyl, fiber-cement, brick, metal, stone, wood, and so on.
  • Deck addition, extension, repairs, replacement, changing type of deck, and so on.
  • Renovation of kitchen/bath, basement repairs, upgrading flooring, renewing the rooms, and adding new features.
  • Historic restoration for oldest buildings, asbestos roof removal, adding replicas, and brick tuckpointing.
  • Solar panel set up along with electrical wiring and charging units.
  • Complete remodeling including foundation, framing, drywall, ceiling, plumbing, painting, flooring, and electrical to change the layout of the building.
QC Roof Pro Roofing

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The typical workflow of a QC Roof Pro is given here. The roofing professionals also have to maintain records for each contract. Based on the type of a project such as a government project, more paperwork are submitted. Additional steps may be involved if there is insurance claims processing or financing.

  • Request Quote
  • Get Estimates
  • Sign Contract
  • Schedule Work
  • Perform Installation
  • Confirm and Pay
QC Roof Pro Other Services

Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is the leading QC Roof Pro who are licensed, bonded, insured, and certified in the roofing and home improvement work. They operate in and around 200 miles of the Quad Cities and are aware of the local building codes in both Illinois and Iowa.

As a family owned business, Olde Town Roofing has roofed all types of roofs for residential and commercial buildings. Their portfolio includes range of services such as siding, deck, renovation, historic, rehab, and other home improvement. The products and services of Olde Town Roofing are best in the area and customers appreciate their professional set up, installation, and clean up efforts.

Here are some specialities of Olde Town Roofing.

  • IKO Shield Pro Plus Certified Contractor
  • CertainTeed ShingleMaster Certified
  • Best Roofer in the Quad Cities
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Competitive Pricing and Products

Call Olde Town Roofing at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information about their QC Roof Pros.